What Should I Do If I Get Too High?

So it’s finally Friday night. You’ve worked long, hard hours this week and you want to relax and heal your sore body and mind with some medical marijuana. As you rest and relax, you might lose track of how much of an edible you’ve eaten or how much cannabis you have smoked.

You might start feeling a little sweaty and notice that your heart rate has picked up a bit. Your thoughts are winding and you’re getting more and more anxious. Even experiencing mild paranoia at this point is not unheard of.

Then it hits you: You’re Too High!

Relax and Take a Deep Breath

First, know that you’re never actually “too high.” There’s no such thing as being too high! You’ve ingested quite a bit of THC, and now we just have a few obviously obnoxious symptoms to control to make your night a little better. For now, just take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly.

If you can, make note of how much cannabis you’ve consumed. Whether if it was a certain milligram dosage of edibles or an eighth of flower, document that this is too much for you at this point in time. Now, let’s get you mellowed out with some tried and true methods of staying in control when you’ve had too much cannabis.

Stay Hydrated!

A very important note to remember is to stay hydrated this entire time! A dry mouth won’t be a factor and you’ll keep your body running in good condition. If you’re hungry, go and fix something up in the kitchen.

Find Something to Do

Keeping yourself busy with an activity is the most commonly used solution when faced with an out of control high. There’s a few activities that most people participate in, consisting of both physical and mental tasks to give your mind something else to focus on. Also, staying positive during this time will make things much more enjoyable.

Movies and Music

Do something fun! Start by watching a funny movie. This will put you in a good mood and get your mind off of anything negative. Also, try listening to your some music. This is known to keep the mind of even the most seasoned smokers busy. You’ll most likely end up having a good time.

Get Physically Active!

Physical activity is another productive and popular way to keep yourself busy. Try going for a long walk or a short run. A quick walk around the block is more valuable in this situation than you may think. Work up a sweat!

Do something productive! Even doing chores like laundry and dishes during this period will keep your mind busy and will get things done around the house. Also, physically relaxing, as in resting in a warm bath with some relaxing music, is an incredibly mellow and comfortable way to take your mind off things.

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  1. If you have anxiety like most of us and get a bit too schmeckled, just keep that beautiful mind busy with a movie. It’ll be awesome

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