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Welcome to the AZ MMJ Guide, a medical marijuana patient’s guide to all things cannabis. At AZ MMJ Guide, we’re here to help you find all the information you’ll need to get the most out of your medical marijuana treatment. We’ll help you through your journey of finding the right doctor, the right Arizona dispensary, and cannabis strain that best works for you! Medical cannabis in Arizona is a reality and with our guides and resources, you’ll be able to learn exactly how you can make it a part of your regular regimen.

The great thing about the AZ MMJ Guide is that all of our cannabis-based content is specially produced by medical marijuana patients from both Arizona and around the world . We believe that this fact gives our articles more perspective and can help all types of patients get more in-depth information. In the long run, this may help them reach their medical treatment goals quicker.

Resources for Medical Marijuana Patients

We’re proud to help out Arizona medical marijuana patients learn all about the program with our free online resources. Even if you don’t have an AZ MMJ card, you can familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements of obtaining a card. In addition to learning what conditions can be treated with medical marijuana, you can read free articles about Arizona’s Prop 203, which is the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Feel free to peruse our huge Arizona dispensary listing. If you’ve got a medical card, we’ll help you find a dispensary near you!


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Providing helpful articles for patients of all ages is something we really take pride in. Our writing staff writes posts that contain tips and answers to every cannabis patient’s most frequently asked questions. Read on and even contribute content if you wish.

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