AZ MMJ was created in 2017 by medical marijuana patients in Arizona. We wanted to create an online presence, a medical marijuana website, for people looking into using medical cannabis as an alternative form of medicine.

The goal was to create as many online resources as possible and offer these free of charge for patients to access. AMG’s team wanted to be able to answer any cannabis-related question a marijuana medical patient may have. After we had the basics of medical marijuana usage and the culture, we’d create unique, hand-written articles on how medical cannabis has helped people throughout the state of Arizona and how its use can be applied in a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, a full Arizona medical marijuana dispensary list was at the top of our task list to have online, and we’re proud that we were able to categorize every single dispensary in the state so that any medical cannabis user can find a nearby dispensary without any issue.

We here at AZ MMJ look forward to helping the medical cannabis community in Arizona! We’re very active on Twitter (@AZmmjguide) and love to participate and contribute to the online cannabis culture community.