Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

You have heard about all of them, either in friendly conversation or maybe even during a shared smoke sesh. People love to express and share how they roll their own smokeable, yummy cannabis concoction. And honestly, it can be very fun to listen. 

The three main types of rolled marijuana smokeables are joints, blunts, and spliffs. Many of us never have had the opportunity to experience each of these different smoking types. This fact alone may leave you wondering about the various properties, tastes, and effects of these different rolling methods. 

Perhaps you want to venture out of your normal medical marijuana routines and into something new. With our comprehensive guide to joints, blunts and spliffs, you’ll be an expert in no time. 

Different Types of Marijuana Smokeables

Let’s take a deeper look at joints, blunts, and spliffs. We’ve made notes relating to their construction, qualities, appearance, size, flavor, and smell.


In the process of rolling a joint.

Remember the usual tobacco cigarettes? Joints are hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes.

  • Construction – Made purely of marijuana rolled in cigarette paper. The paper can be made of wood, pulp, rice or hemp.
  • Rolling – Crush the marijuana flower using a grinder. If necessary, put a filter in place. Then pour the flower into the paper, pinch, and start rolling. When done, lick the end and twist to secure the paper.
  • Qualities – Joints are at least 3 inches long and can potentially contain a filter (also known as a “crutch”). They are traditionally light tan or white, but now come in wide-ranging colors. The flavor is usually that of the specific strain that you’re smoking.


These are rolls filled with purely marijuana but rolled in tobacco wraps. 

  • Construction – Marijuana rolled in tobacco paper. Sometimes, cigar wraps that are cleaned out can be used to replace the tobacco wraps. All in all, the cigar wraps are made from compressed tobacco leaves. 
  • Rolling – You can roll blunts in the same fashion as you would joints. All that you need to change is the type of wrap/paper that you will be using with the crushed weed flower.
  • Qualities – Depending on the rolling paper size and how much weed you put inside, blunts can be of any size, thickness, and length. The colors for blunts are naturally brown. The flavor is a blend of that of tobacco and the strain inside.


Inside a spliff – cannabis mixed with tobacco

Spliffs resemble joints and blunts except in their content. They are made of marijuana and tobacco, which are crushed or ground and mixed together.

  • Construction – Dried marijuana flowers and tobacco leaves are crushed and mixed to make the interior of a spliff. The ratio often favors tobacco but can be altered. The paper rolls and size are similar to joints. 
  • Rolling – Spliffs are very similar to joints, but don’t forget to add the tobacco! 
  • Flavor – Spliffs taste more like a blunt (a mix of tobacco and weed strain). However, the tobacco may be more solid in this use case. 

Which is the best of them all? It depends on any possible medicating goals you have set or if you’re looking for a certain flavor. There are many types of marijuana cigarettes and we’d suggest trying them all. 


  1. I’d like to try out all 3 them on my porch tonight 😂

  2. I love how dispensaries brought the term “pre-roll” into the mmj lexicon

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