A man enjoying a dab.

Due to the widespread legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, cannabis users are now searching for more, better ways to extract all the benefits this amazing plant has to offer. One such method, known as dabbing, is one of the newest ways to consume marijuana to get instant, powerful effects. 

What Are Dabs? 

Dabs are cannabis concentrates that contain over 50% THC and other cannabinoids. Based on their consistency, dabs can also be referred to as shatter, crumble, butane, hash oil, or wax. 

The most popular way to consume them is with a dab rig or by inhaling them through a vape pen (also known as a dab pen).

Currently, there are so many vaporizers, vaporizer pens, dab rigs and concentrates with different flavors and potency levels in the market, and this implies that you have an array of options to choose from. What a great time to be a medical marijuana patient!

How Dabbing Works

A close-up of a dab spoon.

To dab, you need a dabbing tool and some marijuana concentrates of your choice. 

Dabs are put to a hot surface (a nail) on a dab rig and inhaled, or inhaled through an easy to use dab pen. By inhaling the concentrated vapor, cannabis users enjoy a stronger psychoactive effect and intoxication that is capable of lasting a long while. 

In order to have the safest time possible, we suggest consulting with an agent at your local dispensary about which type of dabbing tool and medicine would work best for you.

Benefits of Dabbing for Medical Marijuana Patients

A nice view of a dab rig.

Apart from being the perfect way to enjoy pure and high-concentrated marijuana, dabbing also provides some obvious benefits to medical marijuana users. Research has shown that dabbing provides immediate relief from conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. In addition, it reduces the risk of lung damage associated with smoking marijuana. 

Dabbing is also beneficial to those who value discretion because it does not emit marijuana odors and can be consumed in a convenient pen form.


Since dabbing requires more heat than most conservative cannabis-consuming methods, be very careful and be as safe as possible.

Here’s the main takeaways from this article.

  • When buying dabs (medical marijuana concentrates), read the labels, ask questions, and get a general direction on the potency of the product. 
  • Ask your budtender at your dispensary or a shopkeeper at your local shop how to properly and safely use a dab rig.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You’ll learn so much more than what you’ve just read here. 
  • Start small. Everyone reacts differently to marijuana and the best way to discover your dosage level is by starting small.
  • Be safe!