Five Ways You Can Use Cannabis Without Smoking It

As the world now knows, cannabis has its numerous obvious medical benefits. Perhaps you’re a potential medical marijuana patient and you were doing your research on different aspects of its use. It sounds like it meets your needs, but you don’t like the whole smoking aspect of cannabis use. Don’t worry! There’s many interesting alternatives to just smoking cannabis.

Medical cannabis companies know that smoking is a health risk and really do offer many options. Today we will go over five notable ways to ingest cannabis besides smoking it. Some of these smokeless medication options might be new to you, so read on!

Marijuana Edibles

A cookie infused with THC.

Edibles are easily one of the most common types of consumable cannabis. Through the magic process of taking THC directly out of the marijuana plant, we are able to add it to any dish or food that we can imagine. The most common types of edibles are brownies, chocolate, taffy, and other assorted candies. The effects of THC are usually more intense with an edible.

Cannabis Tinctures

One of the more simple ways to consume THC is through cannabis tinctures. Tinctures are actually just the THC from marijuana plant material that is extracted with alcohol. Using a dropper, one would just put as many drops necessary of the marijuana tincture under their tongue and then receive the medical benefits from THC.

There are many upsides to tinctures including ease of use and the ability to easily microdose with it. Measuring doses from a tincture bottle is the perfect way to microdose, and will allow a medical marijuana patient to get the exact amount of medicine that they need.

Vaping Medical Marijuana

Patients can also choose to vape their medicine.

Many people who don’t wish to actually smoke their medicine will use a marijuana vaporizer to meet their needs. Vaping releases no carcinogens unlike smoking, but some vaporizers allow for the release of chemicals like ammonia. There are chemicals in the concentrated versions of medical marijuana inside your vaporizer, and that’s why most doctors would say to vaporize the actual flower instead of an oil-based source for THC. Vaporizing marijuana isn’t completely safe, but it has more positive notes than smoking.

THC Capsules

Capsules are also a big part of using medical cannabis for some patients. If for one reason or another a medical marijuana patient isn’t able to smoke, vaporize, or even eat cannabis edibles in most normal manners, there is a simple go-to method of consuming cannabis. In this case, a patient can still get THC into their system with the use of THC capsules.

Patients can choose to make their own THC capsules at home or buy them at a local dispensary for their own convenience. Most capsules are made the same: extract cannabis from plant material with edible oils. These oils are usually canola or coconut, which are both actually nutritious. Patients note that they won’t actually taste the oil, since all they’re doing is consuming a capsule.

Cannabis Topicals

Lastly, one of the most amazing ways to use cannabis medically is by using a cannabis topical treatment. These treatments usually consist of skin lotions and oils that are infused with THC. This way of using MMJ will allow for pain relief in localized areas on the body experiencing pain. Patients with arthritis, inflammation, and muscle pain would be able to put topicals to good use.

Users must know that topicals will not give you euphoric effects, as the THC doesn’t get into your bloodstream.


  1. I love the fact that there are smokeless options for me to use. 🙂

  2. Thanks for smokeless alternatives to weed! Say goodbye to coughing.

  3. The only way I use medical marijuana is if it’s an edible. It’s the safest way to use it in my opinion.

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