Chillums are actually very interesting, storied pieces. Chillums are cone-shaped smoking pipes that have been used worldwide for centuries. In fact, were first used in India by Hindu monks. This fact alone leaves some cannabis smokers to believe that smoking with a chillum creates a more spiritual experience.

Chillum use has become increasingly popular, especially in recent years. Many beginners have been known to use a chillum before they decide on what kind of smoking device to use on a regular basis.

To the naked eye, there’s nothing dramatic or breathtaking about it. It’s a very basic type of pipe but it also contributes to a very interesting smoke session.

The shape of the chillum actually provides more benefits over regular pipes and bowls. More smoke can be pulled in and the smoke actually cools faster due to the shape. Your smoking experience will be smoother and harder-hitting with a chillum.

A chillum can come in many forms:

  • Glass
  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Wood

Chillums are usually smaller pieces. You’ll have to clean it more than other pieces as it can hold more cannabis than a regular pipe. If you’re getting a chillum, make sure to get one that’s made of a material that you’re comfortable smoking out of

Using a Chillum

A regularly sized chillum can fit around a half a gram of ground cannabis. First, you’ll need to pack the end of the chillum with your cannabis. Remember not to pack the cannabis too hard – the denser you pack the cannabis, the more lung power you’ll need to get it lit.

Once the end of the chillum is packed, you’re ready to light it. Note that you’ll need to hold the chillum at an upward angle so none of your precious cannabis falls to the floor.

You can light it like a cigar and take big, deep hits or take just take smaller hits if you think you’ll have an issue.