What is Kief?

With all of its many interesting parts, the cannabis plant really is something you can be amazed by. Maybe as a medical marijuana patient, you never got a chance to really take a closer look at cannabis and it’s incredible characteristics. The AZ MMJ Guide is here to make learning about cannabis and it’s fun lingo easier to understand for regular medical marijuana patients like us. In this article, we’ll be learning about kief.

Learn about Kief

When you take a detailed look at the cannabis flower, you’ll notice some almost crystal-like hairs and formations that extend from the plant and from the small, colored leaves of the flower. These crystals are kief, also known as trichomes, and include the interesting hairs complete with a bulb at the end. These beautiful crystals contain many cannabinoids in addition to THC and CBD. Kief, in other words, is actually the pollen produced by the cannabis plant.

Kief is a very popular amongst marijuana users, as it has a higher concentration of THC than just the usual plant material. The higher the quality of the marijuana flower, the higher the THC content and quality of the kief that’s produced from it. Users can collect kief from their buds and use it later on as they please. Next up, we’ll show how you’ll be able to get kief and how to use it.

How to Get Kief

A three-chambered grinder.
A three-chambered grinder.

Kief is usually sifted from the marijuana plant in one fashion or another, usually with the help of a screen. Many cannabis patients rely on the usage of a multi-chambered herb grinder, medical marijuana patients can break up their cannabis and sort out extraneous kief left from the plant material. It usually gathers in the bottom chamber of the grinder, and can accumulate faster than you’d think!

A second place you can acquire kief is at your local dispensary. They sell all kinds of flower products and most likely will carry kief for different patient needs.

How to Use Kief

Once you have some kief, you can consume it in a wide variety of fun ways. It’ll increase the potency of your dose and even add something special to the taste and smell.

It’s very easy to add kief to a bowl. After you’ve packed your tasty bowl, all you have to do is sprinkle it on. Go ahead and put as much as you wish as the top layer for your bowl.

Also, you can add it to a joint or blunt. During the rolling process, just sprinkle it into the mix. It’ll burn with the rest of the cannabis in the joint. Adding this precious kief to your new joint will provide you with a stronger high, which can aid in the suppression of bouts of pain for us medical marijuana patients.

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  1. Kief is magic and collects in the bottom part of my grinder – then we make moon rocks!

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