What is Microdosing Cannabis?

Many medical marijuana patients might not even be familiar with the term and practice known as “microdosing.” Using small amounts of cannabis to experience less psychoactive effects while getting THC’s positive benefits is microdosing. Microdosing is a growing trend among cannabis users worldwide and currently is very popular among medical marijuana patients for its various benefits.

Some think that using more and more large amounts of cannabis will provide them the pain relief they need. This most definitely will help with pain, but doesn’t allow the patient to do what they need to do throughout the day. It could prevent them from being active. Others, for one reason or another, don’t benefit as well from this method of consuming large amounts of cannabis. Microdosing allows patients to experience THC benefits throughout the day. They can use small amounts of cannabis and still continue to do their normal daily routine.

Why Should I Try Microdosing?

Medical marijuana patients should do really do their research on microdosing and actually consider this method more seriously. Microdosing should at least be performed for a few days during a personal trial period to actually experience its benefits and to see if it better controls their medical symptoms.

Microdosing is well-known for its positive benefits when a patient is dealing with anxiety or depression. Using a smaller amount of medical marijuana means the patient will feel more relaxation rather than anxiety, as a large amount could possibly set anxiety or a panic attack in motion. If you are a medical patient that has mild depression, give microdosing cannabis a try and see if it yields the results you need.

Medical marijuana usage depends on your body and your symptoms. For example, if you had a bad pain flare up, it would be wise using medium or high dose to control it for the short term. A patient can then try microdosing for the next few days to make sure any residual pain remains under control.

How to Microdose Cannabis

  • Take one hit and then wait 5 to 10 minutes to see if you need to take another puff. Trying only a few puffs per hour is sufficient enough for many medical patients.
  • Try a low-dose medical marijuana edible. Some companies market their lower-dosed products toward the practice of microdosing. Take advantage of it!

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